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-    version='0.8.9',
+    version='0.8.10',
     description='''stuf has attributes''',
     long_description=open(os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'README.rst'), 'r').read(),
     author='L. C. Rees',
 from stuf.core import defaultstuf, fixedstuf, frozenstuf, orderedstuf, stuf
 __all__ = ('defaultstuf', 'fixedstuf', 'frozenstuf', 'orderedstuf', 'stuf')
-__version__ = (0, 8, 9)
+__version__ = (0, 8, 10)
 idefaultstuf = defaultstuf
+def exhaustcall(call, iterator, exception=StopIteration, _n=next):
+    '''
+    call `next` on an iterator until it's exhausted
+    @param mapping: a mapping to exhaust
+    @param call: call to handle what survives the filter
+    @param filter: a filter to apply to mapping (default: `None`)
+    @param exception: exception sentinel (default: `StopIteration`)
+    '''
+    iterator = starmap(call, iterator)
+    try:
+        while True:
+            _n(iterator)
+    except exception:
+        pass
 def deleter(this, key):
     delete an attribute
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