tabola / tablib / formats /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

""" Tablib - YAML Support.

import yaml
import tablib

title = 'yaml'
extentions = ('yaml', 'yml')

def export_set(dataset):
	"""Returns YAML representation of Dataset."""
	return yaml.dump(dataset.dict)

def export_book(databook):
	"""Returns YAML representation of Databook."""
	return yaml.dump(databook._package())

def import_set(dset, in_stream):
	"""Returns dataset from YAML stream."""

	dset.dict = yaml.load(in_stream)

def import_book(dbook, in_stream):
	"""Returns databook from YAML stream."""


	for sheet in yaml.load(in_stream):
		data = tablib.core.Dataset()
		data.title = sheet['title']
		data.dict = sheet['data']
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