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webstring is a template engine where Python is the template language.

webstring's CheeseShop page is:


More information on webstring, including documentation and an introductory tutorial, can be found at:


Major changes in 0.5 include:

  • templating support for non-XML text formats
  • the ability to use lxml as the XML processing library for XML templates
  • the inclusion of a TurboGears/Buffet compatible template plug-in
  • xinclude support (using lxml as the XML processing library)
  • can apply XSLT stylesheets to any part of an XML template using the transform method (using lxml as the XML processing library)
  • the replication operator (*) now repeats the current state of a template instead of the default state
  • the order in which XML elements are concatenated (+) with other XML elements is now preserved