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 <map version="freeplane 1.2.0">
 <!--To view this file, download free mind mapping software Freeplane from -->
-<node TEXT="wikdShell" FOLDED="false" ID="ID_1723255651" CREATED="1283093380553" MODIFIED="1364327934018" BACKGROUND_COLOR="#97c7dc">
+<node TEXT="wikdShell" FOLDED="false" ID="ID_1723255651" CREATED="1283093380553" MODIFIED="1364449377831" BACKGROUND_COLOR="#97c7dc">
 <font SIZE="16" BOLD="true" ITALIC="true"/>
 <hook NAME="MapStyle">
     <properties show_icon_for_attributes="true" show_note_icons="true"/>
 <hook NAME="AutomaticEdgeColor" COUNTER="11"/>
 <attribute_layout NAME_WIDTH="103" VALUE_WIDTH="138"/>
 <attribute NAME="name" VALUE="wikdShell"/>
-<attribute NAME="version" VALUE="0.2.2"/>
+<attribute NAME="version" VALUE="0.2.3"/>
 <attribute NAME="author" VALUE="L. C. Rees"/>
 <attribute NAME="freeplaneVersionFrom" VALUE="1.2.15"/>
 <attribute NAME="freeplaneVersionTo" VALUE=""/>
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