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 import hmac
 import base64
 import time
-from urllib import quote
 from datetime import datetime
 from wsgiauth.util import extract, getpath, Response    
         # WSGI app that sends a 401 response
         self.response = kw.get('response', self._response)
         # Message to return with 401 response
-        self.message = kw.get('message', self._msg)    
+        self.message = kw.get('message', self._msg)
+    def _response(self, environ, start_response):
+        raise NotImplementedError()        
 class HTTPAuth(object):


 import md5
 import time
 import random
-from base import HTTPAuth, Scheme
+from wsgiauth.base import HTTPAuth, Scheme
 __all__ = ['digest', 'digest_password']