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 import cgi, re, string
 from xml.sax import saxutils
+__all__ = ['hyperescape', 'escape', 'sterilize', 'escapeform', 'hyperform',
+    'sterileform']
 _trans = string.maketrans('', '')
 def _formparse(environ, strict=False):
     @param strict Stops on errors (default: False)
     qdict = cgi.parse(environ['wsgi.input'], environ, strict, strict)
+    # Remove invididual entries from list and store as naked string
     for key, value in qdict.iteritems():
         if len(value) == 1: qdict[key] = value[0]
     return qdict
     @param data Text data
-    return data.translate(_trans, '&#;<>"\'()!${}*+,%/:=?@[\\]^`|~')
-__all__ = ['hyperescape', 'escape', 'sterilize', 'escapeform', 'hyperform',
-    'sterileform']
+    return data.translate(_trans, '&#;<>"\'()!${}*+,%/:=?@[\\]^`|~')
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