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       long_description='''Session (flup-compatible), caching, memoizing, and HTTP cache control
 middleware for WSGI. Supports memory, filesystem, database, and memcached based backends.
-Simple memoization example:
+# Simple memoization example:
-from wsgistate.memory import MemoryCache
-from wsgistate.cache import memoize
+from wsgistate.memory import memoize
-cache = MemoryCache()
 def app(environ, start_response):
     start_response('200 OK', [('Content-Type', 'text/plain')])
     return ['Hello World!']
     http = make_server('', 8080, app)
-Simple session example:
+# Simple session example:
-from wsgistate.memory import MemoryCache
-from wsgistate.session import session, SessionCache
+from wsgistate.memory import session
-cache = MemoryCache()
 def app(environ, start_response):
     session = environ['com.saddi.service.session'].session
     count = session.get('count', 0) + 1
       zip_safe = True,
       keywords='WSGI session caching persistence memoizing HTTP Web',
-      classifiers=['Development Status :: 3 - Alpha',
+      classifiers=['Development Status :: 4 - Beta',
                     'Environment :: Web Environment',
                     'License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License',
                     'Natural Language :: English',