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File branches/0.3/trunk/

     from distutils.core import setup
-      version='0.3',
+      version='0.3.1',
       description='''Utilities for "WSGIzing" Python callables.''',
       long_description=''''Utilities for "WSGIzing" Python callables including:

File branches/0.3/trunk/

         # Key for kargs passed through environ dictionary
         self.argkey = kw.get('args', 'wsgize.args')
         # Single URL vars key
-        self.key = kw.get('args', 'wsgi.url_vars')
+        self.key = kw.get('routing_args', 'wsgiorg.routing_args')
     def __call__(self, environ, start_response):
         '''Passes WSGI params to a callable and autogenrates the start_response.'''