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<!doctype html>
{#  display.html -- Displays the guestbook entries and a submit form
    (C) 2010 Matthew "LeafStorm" Frazier
    Part of Flask-CouchDB
    Released under the MIT/X11 license, see LICENSE for details



<form method=post action="{{ url_for('post') }}">
        <dt><label for=author>Author</label>
        <dd><input type=text name=author>
        <dt><label for=message>Message</label>
        <dd><textarea name=message rows=10 cols=40></textarea>
    <p><input type=submit value=Submit>


{%- for signature in page.items %}
    <li><p>{{ signature.message }}
        <p><strong>{{ }}</strong>
           on {{ signature.time.strftime('%A, %B %d at %I:%M:%S %p') }}
{%- endfor %}

    {% if page.prev %}<a href="{{ url_for('display', start=page.prev) }}">&laquo; Previous</a>{% endif %}
    {% if %}<a href="{{ url_for('display', }}">Next &raquo;</a>{% endif %}