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added Flask 0.7 support

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 Backwards Compatibility
+Version 0.1.2
+* The `_uploads` module/blueprint will not be registered if it is not needed
+  to serve uploads.
 Version 0.1.1

File flaskext/uploads.py

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 from flask import current_app, Module, send_from_directory, abort, url_for
 from itertools import chain
 from werkzeug import secure_filename, FileStorage
+    from flask import Blueprint
+except ImportError:
+    from flask import Module
+    using_blueprints = False
+    using_blueprints = True
 # Extension presets
     app. It will also register the uploads module if it hasn't been set. This
     can be called multiple times with different upload sets.
+    .. versionchanged:: 0.1.2
+       The uploads module/blueprint will only be registered if it is needed
+       to serve the upload sets.
     :param app: The `~flask.Flask` instance to get the configuration from.
     :param upload_sets: The `UploadSet` instances to configure.
         set_config[uset.name] = config
     should_serve = any(s.base_url is None for s in set_config.itervalues())
-    if '_uploads' not in app.modules and should_serve:
-        app.register_module(uploads_mod)
+    if using_blueprints:
+        if '_uploads' not in app.blueprints and should_serve:
+            app.register_blueprint(uploads_mod)
+    else:
+        if '_uploads' not in app.modules and should_serve:
+            app.register_module(uploads_mod)
 class All(object):
                 return newname
-uploads_mod = Module(__name__, name='_uploads', url_prefix='/_uploads')
+if using_blueprints:
+    uploads_mod = Blueprint('_uploads', __name__, url_prefix='/_uploads')
+    uploads_mod = Module(__name__, name='_uploads', url_prefix='/_uploads')
 def uploaded_file(setname, filename):