This is my personal Web site. It can be found on the Internet at To compile it, you need:

- `Haml <>`_ (``haml`` gem)
- `Nanoc3 <>`_ (``nanoc3`` gem)
- `RedCloth <>`_ (``RedCloth`` gem)

All of these can be installed using RubyGems. Please note that you must first
``gem install gemcutter`` to get the latest version of nanoc3.

To actually build the site, run the command::

    nanoc3 co

in the root directory, and it will be built into the output directory. You can
also run::

    nanoc3 aco

to start up a Web server on port 3000, which will automatically rebuild the
appropriate pages when they are requested. The ``filesystem_combined`` data
source is being used, so all files - both content and layouts - must have a
YAML header at the top for the metadata. If no metadata is necessary, the
header should look like this::

    Content goes here...