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title: Projects
h1. My Projects

These are some of the various programming-related projects I have worked on. Most of my projects live on my "Bitbucket":bb account, so feel free to clone the repositories and hack away. Some of them have not been updated in quite some time, but there's always bigger things in the works.

h2. Flask Extensions

These are extensions that I have written for the "Flask":flask Web framework.

h3. "Flask-CouchDB":fcdb

An extension that connects CouchDB to Flask.

h3. "Flask-Login":flogin

An extension that manages user sessions.

h3. "Flask-Themes":fthemes

An extension that provides mechanisms for switchable themes. This one actually made it into MoinMoin 2.

h3. "Flask-Uploads":fuploads

An extension that provides intelligent uploaded file handling.

h3. "Flask-XML-RPC":fxr

An extension that lets you make XML-RPC APIs in Flask.

h2. Python Libraries

Neither of these are exactly what I would call "finished" yet. If you want to pitch in and help, that would be amazing.

h3. "Cartero":cartero

This is a mail sending library for Python - and I mean *library*, not framework. It is designed to be lightweight, Pythonic, and non-magical.

h3. "Redismap":redismap

This was originally just going to be a Redis ORM like "Ohm":ohm, but now it has expanded in scope to a general-purpose library of Python objects that are related to Redis somehow.

h2. Lua Libraries

Probably the language I have written the most code in besides Python.

h3. "libmc":mc

A utility library written in Lua. My intention with libmc was to "fill in the gaps" left by Lua's minimal standard library, but it ended up becoming something a bit more full-fledged. Development is sporadic.

h3. "lua-mimetypes":lmt

Exactly what it says on the tin. This detects MIME types, and does so without all the crazy magic of Python's mimetypes module.

h3. "Skipray":skipray

This is a Web server written in Lua. It seems to work OK, but I ended up never doing anything with it. (It uses the HTTP parser from node.js.)

h2. Web Applications

I have written a few Web applications, as well...also in Flask. (Are you noticing a pattern here?)

h3. "Ryshcate":rc

A pastebin written with Flask and Flask-CouchDB. Currently inactive.

h3. "SantaPolls":sp

I wrote this on Christmas Eve as a fun little project for playing with Redis. Currently inactive.

h2. Other Projects

These are projects managed by others that I have contributed to.

h3. "Flask":flask

I have not actually contributed code to Flask (yet), but I did write some documentation for it.

h3. "nanoc":nanoc

A few minor patches that I wrote made it into nanoc. (nanoc is probably the most understandable Ruby code I have ever read.)

h2. Abandoned Projects

Sadly, there are lots of them. Most of them are still on "my Bitbucket":ls if you want to look at them and/or resurrect them. (Some don't need to be resurrected though...)