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Welcome. This is a library I put together of random functions, some of which are in Python, that I thought should be in Lua. Actual documentation on the library can be found in the source.

Current Plans

Now that 0.8 is released, my next plan is to rewrite everything for 1.0. This will mostly consist of rewriting everything into a single module - mc - and using an mc.import function to inject things like libmc does now. This decision was made after a really long thread on lua-l.


If there are any bugs, file a Bug report in the issue tracker. Similarly, if you think of a way an existing function could be made better, file an Enhancement request.

Later, I might start giving people write access if they do a good job.

I've got a wishlist of stuff I want to implement on the Wishlist page.


I was writing a choose-your-own-adventure game that I might release soon, but I was including code for things like splitting strings and wrapping text. Anywhere else, that would be considered Not Invented Here syndrome, but in Lua it seemed like a necessity. So, I decided to start libmc to keep track of all the random code that people would need in their projects.

That, and it would be a good exercise in Lua programming.

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