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libmc / Wishlist

This is my wishlist. It might not see the light of day soon, but it's stuff I'd like to do.

Really Useful Generic Stuff

  • A simple class system - just setting a class table as the metatable and __index will do fine.
  • Table pretty-printing.
  • 'table.omap' and 'table.meta' - first for dealing with "ordered" tables that have keys in a particular order, second for dealing with metatables in a faster manner.
  • Function tools like creating partials and composition.
  • Sets. (Anyone got a good idea for how to implement these efficiently?)

Other Stuff

  • Command-line option parser. Nothing fancy like optparse, but also nothing functionality-deficient like getopt.
  • Unit conversions. Preferably with some sort of path-tracking so I wouldn't have to write conversion factors for everything - e.g. if it says there are 2.54 cm in an inch it knows there are (1/2.54) inches per cm, and if there are 100 cm in a meter it knows there are 100 * (1/2.54) inches in a meter.

Domain-Specific Stuff

  • XML generation, something like Python's genshi.builder.tag.
  • Algebraic and geometric formulas like the distance formula, the midpoint formula, the quadratic formula...gotta use them in programming somehow.

Stuff To Make With/For libmc

  • rake-like system for automating testing, doc generation, building the .lc file, etc.
  • Luadoc replacement. It's OK, but I need a bit more flexibility.