Redismap is a library for working with Python objects stored in a Redis database. It includes:

  • An object-hash mapper.
  • Wrappers for Redis' collection types that allow complex types to be stored.
  • Implementations of important usage patterns like locks.
  • A Key class that allows one to structure their keys hierarchically.


The tests require Attest to run. The tests themselves are not included in the actual redismap package, instead they are in the tests package. You can run them with

You can set environment variables to control the test. REDISMAP_TEST_HOST and REDISMAP_TEST_PORT are used to select the Redis server to use, and REDISMAP_TEST_DBNO sets the database number. They default to localhost, 6379, and 0 respectively. Setting REDISMAP_TEST_QUICKLY skips tests that involve blocking and timing.