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 sets, lists, sorted sets, and hashes. Sets, lists, and hashes mimic the
 interfaces of their Python equivalents - `set`, `list`, and `dict` - as much
 as possible. (Sorted sets have no real Python equivalent, but their interface
-is a hybrid of the `set` and `dict` interface.)
+is a hybrid of the `set` and `dict` interface.) Each has a read-write version,
+and a read-only version suffixed with `View`.
 All of them support using non-string types as values (and keys and scores,
 as appropriate) by passing :ref:`converters` to the constructor.
+.. autoclass:: SetView
+   :members:
 .. autoclass:: Set
+.. autoclass:: ListView
+   :members:
 .. autoclass:: List
 Sorted Sets
+.. autoclass:: SortedSetView
+   :members:
 .. autoclass:: SortedSet
+.. autoclass:: HashView
+   :members:
 .. autoclass:: Hash


 .. currentmodule:: redismap
+.. _converters:
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