ryshcate / ryshcate / templates / settings.html

{# settings.html -- User settings page
   (C) 2010 Matthew "LeafStorm" Frazier
   Part of Ryshcate, see LICENSE for details
#}{% extends "layout.html" %}
{% from "_helpers.html" import form_tag, submit, desc %}

{% set title = _('Settings') %}

{% block body %}
<h2>{% trans %}Settings{% endtrans %}</h2>

{% call form_tag('system.settings') %}

<p>{{ form.locale.label }}: {{ form.locale() }} {{ desc(form.locale) }}</p>

<p>{{ form.timezone.label }}: {{ form.timezone() }} {{ desc(form.timezone) }}</p>

<p>{{ form.style.label }}: {{ form.style() }} {{ desc(form.style) }}</p>

<p>{{ submit(_('Save settings')) }}</p>
{% endcall %}

{% call form_tag('system.settings') %}
<input type=hidden name=clear value=true />

<p>{{ submit(_('Clear settings')) }}</p>
{% endcall %}

{% endblock %}
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