SantaPolls is just a polling application. It doesn't really have anything to
do with Santa, I just called it that because I wrote it on Christmas Eve.

What It Needs
It needs Flask, Flask-Script, and redis-py. You can install those really
quickly with ``pip install -r requirements.txt``.

Oh, and it also needs a running Redis server. It uses keys starting with
``polls:`` and ``poll:``.

How to Run
First, create a config file (following the example in example.cfg) and
export that as SANTAPOLLS_CONFIG. Then, point your WSGI server at (If you're running mod_wsgi, you can actually use as the .wsgi file, since it's also exported as ``application``.)

How to Manage
You manage it with the management commands. To add polls, create a text file
like this (the blank line is optional, I just use it for clarity)::


Then, run ``python add FILE``. The poll will be loaded into
your Redis server. (Make sure the config file is still exported!)

To close, reopen, or delete a poll, run ``python
close|reopen|delete ID``.