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PunkyBrowster is a programmatic browser with a synchronous API. It is a fork of the spynner project. We remove unessential stuff like URL filtering, download handling, and cookie emulation. We also remove some potentially harmful stuff like JavaScript injection. What's left is a fairly lean core of functionality, and on top of that we add some convenience methods for DOM querying and event simulation.


To test pre-installation:

python setup.py test

Or, having met test dependencies:

python t.py


To install:

python setup.py install



  • Browster has back() and forward() methods.
  • Form manipulation methods accept either a string CSS selector or a QWebElement object.
  • unselect() method for clearing multiple selects.
  • uncheck() method works on radio buttons.


  • Browster is a "new"-style class.
  • Added "status" property.
  • WebView window does not steal focus when opened.
  • Better validation for form-filling methods raises exceptions instead of failing silently.
  • Fixed issue with screen-captures being too large if previous capture was on large page.
  • Support for new HTML5 input types.