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 v_a%	matchit.txt	/*v_a%*
 v_g%	matchit.txt	/*v_g%*
 vim_complete	neocomplcache.txt	/*vim_complete*
+vimtips.txt	../plugin/vimtips/vimtips.txt	/*vimtips.txt*
 vimwiki	vimwiki.txt	/*vimwiki*
 vimwiki-calendar	vimwiki.txt	/*vimwiki-calendar*
 vimwiki-changelog	vimwiki.txt	/*vimwiki-changelog*
   silent execute 's/=.*/=' a:value
-let s:prevDate = 20101014
-let s:prevLine = 3
+let s:prevDate = 20101015
+let s:prevLine = 22
 let s:vimtipsDate = 20101013
 let &l:cpo = s:save_cpo
 nmap <C-k>   :tabclose<cr>
 nmap <C-Tab> :tabnext<cr>
+nmap bn :bn<cr>
+nmap bp :bp<cr>
 " 插件快捷键
 nmap <C-d> :NERDTree<cr>
 nmap <C-e> :BufExplorer<cr>
 " 打开日历快捷键
 map ca :Calendar<cr>
+"Use spacebar toggle fold
+nnoremap <space> @=((foldclosed(line('.')) < 0) ? 'zc' : 'zo')<CR>
 let g:fencview_autodetect=0
 map <F6> :FencView<cr>
 map <leader>jt  <Esc>:%!json_xs -f json -t json-pretty<CR>
+" 搭配minibuffer切换buffer
+noremap <leader><space> <C-^>
 " =====================
 " 插件配置
 " =====================
     let g:calendar_wruler = '日 一 二 三 四 五 六'
     let g:calendar_navi_label = '上月,本月,下月'
     let g:calendar_list = [
+        \ {'name': 'Works[Doit.im]', 'path': '~/diary/works/Doit.im', 'ext': 'wiki'},
         \ {'name': 'Works', 'path': '~/diary/works', 'ext': 'task'},
         \ {'name': 'Tasks', 'path': '~/diary/tasks', 'ext': 'task'},
         \ {'name': 'Diary', 'path': '~/diary/diary', 'ext': 'diary'},
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