Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed de1b5b3

Better references to tables, as well.

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                 self.top_sectionlevel = 1
         self.next_section_ids = set()
         self.next_figure_ids = set()
+        self.next_table_ids = set()
         # flags
         self.verbatim = None
         self.in_title = 0
                 self.body.append('{|' + ('L|' * self.table.colcount) + '}\n')
         if self.table.longtable and self.table.caption is not None:
             self.body.append(u'\\caption{%s} \\\\\n' % self.table.caption)
+        if self.table.caption is not None:
+            for id in self.next_table_ids:
+                self.body.append(self.hypertarget(id, anchor=False))
+            self.next_table_ids.clear()
         if self.table.longtable:
             elif isinstance(next, nodes.figure):
+                # labels for figures go in the figure body, not before
                 if node.get('refid'):
+            elif isinstance(next, nodes.table):
+                # same for tables, but only if they have a caption
+                for n in node:
+                    if isinstance(n, nodes.title):
+                        if node.get('refid'):
+                            self.next_table_ids.add(node['refid'])
+                        self.next_table_ids.update(node['ids'])
+                        return
         except IndexError:
         if 'refuri' in node:
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