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Fix some XXXes.

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File doc/builders.rst

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    The build environment.  This is always a pickle file, independent of the
    builder and a copy of the environment that was used when the builder was
-   started.  (XXX: document common members)
+   started.
-   Unlike the other pickle files this pickle file requires that the sphinx
-   module is available on unpickling.
+   .. todo:: Document common members.
+   Unlike the other pickle files this pickle file requires that the ``sphinx``
+   package is available on unpickling.

File doc/rest.rst

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 * **No nested inline markup:** Something like ``*see :func:`foo`*`` is not
-.. XXX more?

File tests/root/conf.py

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 value_from_conf_py = 84
 coverage_c_path = ['special/*.h']
-# XXX cfunction?
-coverage_c_regexes = {'cfunction': r'^PyAPI_FUNC\(.*\)\s+([^_][\w_]+)'}
+coverage_c_regexes = {'function': r'^PyAPI_FUNC\(.*\)\s+([^_][\w_]+)'}
 autosummary_generate = ['autosummary']

File tests/test_coverage.py

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     undoc_py, undoc_c = pickle.loads((app.outdir / 'undoc.pickle').text())
     assert len(undoc_c) == 1
     # the key is the full path to the header file, which isn't testable
-    # XXX this should fail right now
-    assert undoc_c.values()[0] == [('cfunction', 'Py_SphinxTest')]
+    assert undoc_c.values()[0] == [('function', 'Py_SphinxTest')]
     assert 'test_autodoc' in undoc_py
     assert 'funcs' in undoc_py['test_autodoc']

File utils/pylintrc

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 # checks for:
-# * warning notes in the code like FIXME, XXX
+# * warning notes in the code
 # * PEP 263: source code with non ascii character but no encoding declaration