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Georg Brandl  committed 2c5a02a

Fix docs of emit_firstresult().

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File doc/ext/appapi.rst

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 .. method:: Sphinx.emit_firstresult(event, *arguments)
    Emit *event* and pass *arguments* to the callback functions.  Return the
-   result of the first callback that doesn't return ``None`` (and don't call
-   the rest of the callbacks).
+   result of the first callback that doesn't return ``None``.
    .. versionadded:: 0.5

File sphinx/application.py

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             event.pop(listener_id, None)
     def emit(self, event, *args):
-        result = []
+        results = []
         if event in self._listeners:
             for _, callback in self._listeners[event].iteritems():
-                result.append(callback(self, *args))
-        return result
+                results.append(callback(self, *args))
+        return results
     def emit_firstresult(self, event, *args):
         for result in self.emit(event, *args):