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Added documentation for sidebar extension.

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+:mod:`sphinx.ext.sidebar` -- Add navigation sidebars
+.. module:: sphinx.ext.sidebar
+   :synopsis: Build table of contents pages for Mozilla panels
+.. moduleauthor:: Robert Lehmann
+.. versionadded:: 1.0
+Build a table of contents HTML document suitable for use as a Mozilla/Netscape
+.. confval:: sidebar_all
+   Sections only grow a navigation sidebar if they have at least one
+   crossreference to another document in their toctree. This setting overrides
+   the heuristic to include all sections (even those with only internal anchor
+   links) in the build process.
+.. confval:: sidebar_excludes
+   A list of sections which should explicitly not have a sidebar built.
+.. confval:: sidebar_rellink
+   Indicates if a sidebar link should be automatically added to its originator
+   (the document defining the top-level section toctree).
+.. confval:: sidebar_abbrev
+   Maps sidebar names (as obtained by their origin) to crossreference texts
+   between individual sidebars.
+.. confval:: sidebar_tocdepth
+   Maximum depth of TOC tree. All subnodes deeper than that are purged from the
+   tree; a value of zero applies no collapsing at all.

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+   ext/sidebar
 Third-party extensions