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 be searched) and/or *stored* (meaning the value that gets indexed is returned
 with the results; this is useful for fields such as the title).
-This schema has two fields, "title" and "content":
+This schema has two fields, "title" and "content"::
 	from whoosh.fields import Schema, TEXT
     This type is for boolean (true/false) values.
-    This type is for ``datetime`` objects.
+    This type is for ``datetime`` objects. See :doc:`dates` for more
+    information.
-    TODO
+:class:`whoosh.fields.NGRAM` and :class:`whoosh.fields.NGRAMWORDS`
+    These types break the field text or individual terms into N-grams.
+    See :doc:`ngrams` for more information.
 (As a shortcut, if you don't need to pass any arguments to the field type, you
 can just give the class name and Whoosh will instantiate the object for you.) ::