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Application for distribuited configurations in django
1. Install django-hateconf in your enviroment (or copy this folder in your 
django project root.

2. Add 'django_hateconf' in yours INSTALLED_APPS.

3. Add in your project's a dictionary "SETTINGS_BIND":

             ("list or tuple", "of names", "of existing", "vars in",
               " to, bind),
             "header of your settings file (optional)"

    file: absolute path to the file that contains the variable binds for The file extention must be (case INsensitive):
        .yml or .yaml for YAML ( file type (pyyaml must be
        .json for JSON ( file type.
        .xml for XML ( file type.
        .cfg or .ini for file consists of sections, lead by a [section] header,
        and followed by name: value entries, with continuations and such in the
        style of RFC 822.
    bind: List of EXISTING vars for binding.
    header: Optional header for binds file.
4. Add in the end of file this 2 lines:

     import django_hateconf

5. Run:

    $ python settings --sync

For more usages see after the 6 steps:

    python settings --help

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