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File docs/changelog.rst

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+.. _release-0.7.1:
+**0.7.1** - TBD (TBD)
+  New Features:
+  Bug fixes:
+    * [classic plugin] Use the system text encoding (locale) when converting
+      lyrics files to Unicode.
+    * Don't crash on malformed (invalid) UFID frames. Fixes :bbissue:`6`.
 .. _release-0.7:
 **0.7.0** - 11.15.2012 (Be Quiet and Drive)

File docs/conf.py

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 # coming with Sphinx (named 'sphinx.ext.*') or your custom ones.
 extensions = ['sphinx.ext.autodoc', 'sphinx.ext.intersphinx', 'sphinx.ext.todo',
               'sphinx.ext.coverage', 'sphinx.ext.ifconfig',
-              'sphinx.ext.viewcode', 'sphinx.ext.extlinks']
+              'sphinx.ext.viewcode', 'sphinx.ext.extlinks',
+              'sphinxcontrib.bitbucket']
+bitbucket_project_url = 'https://bitbucket.org/nicfit/eyed3'
 # Add any paths that contain templates here, relative to this directory.
 templates_path = ['_templates']

File pavement.py

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 VERSION = "0.8.0-alpha"
 LICENSE     = open("COPYING", "r").read().strip('\n')
-DESCRIPTION = "Audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)"
+DESCRIPTION = "Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)"
 eyeD3 is a Python module and command line program for processing ID3 tags.
 Information about mp3 files (i.e bit rate, sample frequency,
 def build():
     '''Build the code'''
     if prompt("Tag release 'v%s'?" % VERSION) and not testing:
         sh("hg tag v%s" % VERSION)
-        sh("hg commit -m 'tagged release'")
+        # non-zero returned for success, it appears, ignore. but why not above?
+        sh("hg commit -m 'tagged release'", ignore_error=True)
     if prompt("Push for release?") and not testing:
         sh("hg push --rev .")

File src/eyed3/plugins/classic.py

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                 if mt is None:
                     raise ValueError("Cannot determine mime-type")
-            return (path, type_id, mt, unicode(desc, LOCAL_ENCODING))
+            return (path, type_id, mt, desc)
         def ObjectArg(s):
             Returns (path, mime_type, description, filename)'''