Markus Kuppe  committed 432609f

Read tracks from a given cue sheet file and add as CHAPs to mp3 file (set FrameHeader conditionally)

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File src/eyed3/id3/

                 data += b'\xff\xff\xff\xff'
         for f in self.sub_frames.getAllFrames():
-            f.header = FrameHeader(TITLE_FID, self.header.version)
             data += f.render()
  = data;
     def title(self, title):
-        self.sub_frames.setTextFrame(TITLE_FID, title)
+        self.sub_frames.setTextFrame(TITLE_FID, title, FrameHeader(TITLE_FID, ID3_V2_3))
     def subtitle(self):
     def subtitle(self, subtitle):
-        self.sub_frames.setTextFrame(SUBTITLE_FID, subtitle)
+        self.sub_frames.setTextFrame(SUBTITLE_FID, subtitle, FrameHeader(SUBTITLE_FID, ID3_V2_3))
 class FrameSet(dict):
     def __init__(self):
         return frames
-    def setTextFrame(self, fid, text):
+    def setTextFrame(self, fid, text, header=None):
         '''Set a text frame value.
         Text frame IDs must be unique.  If a frame with
         the same Id is already in the list it's value is changed, otherwise
             self[fid][0].text = text
             if fid in DATE_FIDS:
-                self[fid] = DateFrame(fid, date=text)
+                f = DateFrame(fid, date=text)
-                self[fid] = TextFrame(fid, text=text)
+                f = TextFrame(fid, text=text)
+            if header is not None:
+                f.header = header
+            self[fid] = f 
 def deunsyncData(data):