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adding the list of supported args for DefaultWildcard to pydoc

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     `args` is a dictionary of wildcard names to wildcard arguments.
     If the argument is a tuple, the first item of the tuple is
     considered to be the name of the wildcard to use; otherwise the
-    "default" wildcard is used.
+    "default" wildcard is used.  For getting the list arguments a
+    wildcard supports, see the pydoc of the wildcard.  (see
+    `rope.refactor.wildcard.DefaultWildcard` for the default
+    wildcard.)
     `wildcards` is the list of wildcard types that can appear in
     `pattern`.  See `rope.refactor.wildcards`.  If a wildcard does not


 class DefaultWildcard(object):
+    """The default restructuring wildcard
+    The argument passed to this wildcard is in the
+    ``key1=value1,key2=value2,...`` format.  Possible keys are:
+    * name - for checking the reference
+    * type - for checking the type
+    * object - for checking the object
+    * instance - for checking types but similar to builtin isinstance
+    * exact - matching only occurrences with the same name as the wildcard
+    """
     def __init__(self, project):
         self.project = project
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