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 don't but python will.
-Change Occurrences Refactoring
-Change occurrences refactoring is a special refactoring.  It replaces
-occurrences of something with what you want.  This refactoring is
-different from rename refactoring; It only changes the scope it was
-invoked from.  Second it does not rename anything it only replaces
-occurrences and has no side-effects.  This refactoring can be used to
-perform some non-standard refactorings.
 Inline Method Refactoring
 Handling Long Imports
-"Handle long imports" command trys to make long imports look better by
+``Handle long imports`` command trys to make long imports look better by
 transforming ``import pkg1.pkg2.pkg3.pkg4.mod1`` to ``from
 pkg1.pkg2.pkg3.pkg4 import mod1``.  Long imports can be identified
 either by having lots of dots or being very long.  The default