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documenting how to know which buffers need to be reloaded

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 `rope.base.change.Change` object.  Now how can we know what it
 contains and how to perform it?
-For previewing the changes see the documentation in `rope.base.change`
+``str(changes)`` returns a short description of the changes.  You can
+use ``changes.get_description()`` to get a preview; it is useful when
+you don't care much about the format.  Otherwise you can use the
+``changes`` object directly.  See the documentation in
+`rope.base.change` module.
 The easiest way for performing the refactoring is to use
 ``_ method::
 If you want to perform the changes yourself, you have two options.
 Note that the main reason for performing the changes manually is
 handling version control systems that are not supported by rope.
 module).  If this approach is used you cannot undo the refactoring
 using ``project.history.undo()``.
+*Updating Open Buffers In IDEs*:
+Usually editors need to reload the files changed by rope.  You can use
+``Change.get_changed_resources()`` to get the list of resources that
+need to be reloaded.
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