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 New Features
+* Static object analysis can follow functions:
+  In order to enhance SOA, ``soa_followed_calls`` project config has
+  been added.  It specifies the number of calls to follow when
+  analyzing function calls.  The default value is 0, but it might
+  change in future.  A higher value enhances rope's SOA results, but
+  makes SOA slower.
+* `rope.base.libutils.report_change()` reads ``automatic_soa``:
+  `libutils.report_change()` now honors ``automatic_soa`` project
+  config and won't perform SOA if ``automatic_soa`` is `False`.
+* Added `rope.base.libutils.analyze_modules()`:
+  It can be used to analyze all modules in the project for filling
+  rope's objectdb.  It probably isn't necessary if automatic SOA has
+  been enabled from the beginning (the default).  But if you're using
+  rope on project most of which has been written without rope (or
+  automatic SOA has been disabled), this function can enhance rope's
+  object inferences.
+  It might take a long time but it uses task handles to make it more
+  tolerable (see ``library.txt``).
+  Note that rope saves object information in project rope folder
+  (``.ropeproject`` by default; see ``library.txt`` for more
+  information).  This folder can be safely copied in other clones of a
+  project if you don't want to lose your objectdb and history.
+* Added `rope.contrib.codeassist.get_calltip()`:
+  It returns the signature of a function in the
+  ``module_name.containing_scopes.function_name(args)`` format.
+* Added GIT support in fscommands:
+  Rope now handles git projects in refactorings.  Note that in rope
+  VCS support is used when adding, renaming or moving modules.
+* Handling property as decorator:
+  Rope can handle cases like this::
+    def C(object):
+        @property
+	def attr(self):
+	    return ''
+    c = C()
+    x = c.attr
+  Here, rope can infer the object `x` is holding.
+* Not re-parsing unchanged modules for code assists:
+  This will make code assist commands faster; specially when reviewing
+  code in which you don't change the source-code.
+* Better handling of for, with and except variables
+* Not fixing try blocks ending with ``except:`` by mistake in code assist
+* Fixed back importing underlined names in move
 Getting Started