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docs: post-release updating

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 New Features
-* added ropemacs minor mode
-* supporting maxfixes option in rope-goto-definition and rope-show-doc
-* added ropemacs-separate-doc-buffer variable
-* added ropemacs-max-doc-buffer-height variable
-* added rope-show-call-doc command
-* added ropemacs menu
-* supporting in_hierarchy option of find_occurrences
-* added rope-analyze-module command
-``rope-show-call-doc`` command shows the documentation of the
-surrounding function.  For instance calling this command in::
-  for x in range(2, $
-will show builtin `range` docs (where ``$`` shows cursor position).
-``rope-analyze-module`` asks rope to perform static object inference
-analysis on a module.  This command is useful when you have a module
-that was written without ropemacs (ropemacs automatically performs SOI
-analysis on changed scopes when saving modules).  As a simple example,
-  def f(p):
-      print p.upper()
-  f('test')
-Rope won't know the type of parameter `p`, if this module is not
-analyzed (you can test that by calling ``rope-show-doc`` on
-``upper``).  Calling ``rope-analyze-module`` forces rope to do so.
 Setting Up

File setup.py

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     return '\n' + '\n'.join(lines[:end]) + '\n'
-      version='0.5c6',
+      version='0.5',
       description='An emacs mode for using rope refactoring library',