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Ali Gholami Rudi  committed bbde358

renamed rope-undo-refactoring to rope-undo

Did the same for redo, too.

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File README.txt

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 C-x p k           rope-close-project
 C-x p f           rope-find-file
 C-x p 4 f         rope-find-file-other_window
-C-x p u           rope-undo-refactoring
-C-x p r           rope-redo-refactoring
+C-x p u           rope-undo
+C-x p r           rope-redo
 C-x p c           rope-project-config
 C-x p n [mpfd]    rope-create-(module|package|file|directory)

File ropemacs/interface.py

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         self.global_keys = [
             ('o', lisp.rope_open_project),
             ('k', lisp.rope_close_project),
-            ('u', lisp.rope_undo_refactoring),
-            ('r', lisp.rope_redo_refactoring),
+            ('u', lisp.rope_undo),
+            ('r', lisp.rope_redo),
             ('f', lisp.rope_find_file),
             ('4 f', lisp.rope_find_file_other_window),
             ('c', lisp.rope_project_config),
-    def undo_refactoring(self):
+    def undo(self):
         change = self.project.history.tobe_undone
         if change is None:
             lisputils.RunTask(undo, 'Undo refactoring', interrupts=False)()
-    def redo_refactoring(self):
+    def redo(self):
         change = self.project.history.tobe_redone
         if change is None: