In order to build the game you have to install the following software:
	* OpenIL (at least version 1.8.6-rc2)
	* OpenGL
	* OpenAL (optionally)
	* libogg (optionally)
	* FreeType
	* SDL
	* dsss
	* Tango (most recent version, e.g. svn trunk)
	* Hybrid (see http://hybrid.team0xf.com/wiki/Main/GettingStarted)

To build the game:
	* switch to src/
	* invoke dsss (e.g. dsss build)
	* scrolling: WASD or arrow keys
	* scrolling faster: shift
	* rotating the camera: ctrl + arrow keys
	* zooming: page up/page down
	* screenshot: F5 (make sure the directory run/shots/ exists)
	* exiting the game: escape

Debug Controls:
	* toggle log spam: m
	* toggle bounding box rendering: g
	* toggle wireframe: l
	* print rendering statistics to console: b