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I have memory issue when write data to my excel template, it use alot of memory and not clearing overtime.

Context context = new Context();

context.putVar(MY_LIST, myList);

JxlsHelper jxlsHelper = JxlsHelper.getInstance();


jxlsHelper.processTemplate(fileInputStream, byteArrayOutputStream, context);
  • list size 10000 rows 51 columns
  • both stream are close in finally block
  • max heap 1024MB
  • tomcat 8.5
  • jxls 2.4.3
  • jxls-poi 1.0.14

Before export Screen Shot 2561-01-10 at 14.33.04.png After export 2nd time Screen Shot 2561-01-10 at 14.33.25.png After export 3rd time Screen Shot 2561-01-10 at 14.32.27.png


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  1. LeonidV repo owner

    Are you sure the memory is occupied by Jxls or POI related objects?

    Can you do a heap dump or memory profiling to prove that?

    Can you create a simple app or web-app where I can reproduce the issue?

    Just from the issue description and without any working sample it will be really difficult to do anything about it.

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