Issue #21 resolved

Fix problem with incorrect processing of two or more inner commands

leonate NA
repo owner created an issue

Currently when outer loop contains two or more inner loops there is an error. The exception stack looks like this:

Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 13
        at org.jxls.common.CellRange.excludeCells(
        at org.jxls.area.XlsArea.createCellRange(
        at org.jxls.area.XlsArea.applyAt(
        at org.jxls.command.EachCommand.applyAt(
        at org.jxls.area.XlsArea.applyAt(
        at org.jxls.util.JxlsHelper.processTemplate(
        at org.jxls.demo.TwoInnerLoopsDemo.main(

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