OutOfMemoryError on big data

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Mrusful l
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For work with big data sheets in Apache POI uses SXSSF objects.

Goal of SXSSF implementation is write very large spreadsheets with low memory footprint.

If i try fill template with 500 000 rows and 30 cols with transformer created like

PoiTransformer.createSxssfTransformer(workbook, 10, true)

when CellRef objects will eat up all the memory.

CellData are stored in list - "targetPos". I found one place where "targetPos" are used it is calculation of formula range.


This approach makes it unnecessary to use SxssfTransformer

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  1. LeonidV repo owner

    Now you can disable storing formula cell ref target cells by setting a special flag in Context.Config class.

                Context context = new PoiContext();
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