Row heights reset between parameterized cells

Issue #25 resolved
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In the attached template, you can see that there is a row between the listings for the different types of employees. When mapped to the output, that row has its height reset to the default height.

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  1. sbluen reporter

    It looks like there are 2 ways in which this problem may happen:

    1. Rows with nothing but empty cells are apparently excluded from the transformations. This is the case in the example presented here.
    2. When the height is assigned to the cell instead of to the row, the transforms use the row's default height, when you would expect the displayed height which is the height of the cell to be preserved.
  2. sbluen reporter

    I've looked at the source code a bit. It looks like this might be fixed by using a blank cell replacement strategy for null cells, and by preserving the text wrapping property in the row styles.

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