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Issue #27 resolved

Deletion of sheet fails

Jaroslav Svoboda
created an issue

Missing sheet removal also from sheetMap at PoiTransformer.java:313 deleteSheet.

Reproduce error:

Transformer transformer = TransformerFactory.createTransformer(inputStream, outputStream);

Context context = transformer.createInitialContext();
/* some data addition to context */
AreaBuilder areaBuilder = new XlsCommentAreaBuilder(transformer);
List<Area> xlsAreaList = areaBuilder.build();
for (Area xlsArea : xlsAreaList) {
    // Exception here because deleted sheet is still in sheetMap but not in workbook
    xlsArea.applyAt(new CellRef(xlsArea.getStartCellRef().getCellName()), context);
    xlsArea.setFormulaProcessor(new StandardFormulaProcessor()); /* FastFormulaProcessor */

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