Formula processing mechanism

Issue #42 resolved
Mrusful l
created an issue

In issue#24 due memory consumption problem when working with SXSSF was added ability

Context context = new PoiContext();

But this property disable calculation of formula range

In theory even if we use SXSSF we can force formula recalculation when user open filled workbook.

We can achieve it by use POI API

((PoiTransformer) transformer).getWorkbook().setForceFormulaRecalculation(true);

Will be nice to have ability of calculation of the formula range when we use SXSSF.

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  1. Leonid Vysochyn repo owner

    So do you suggest to add a new method to PoiTransformer to set formula recalculation using workbook.setForceFormulaRecalculation(true) or are you talking about something else?

  2. Mrusful l reporter

    For example we have template:

    • with each command that has attribute direction set to DOWN and area from A1:C1

    Set by comment for A1 cell - jx:each(... lastCell="C1")

    • and formula in A2 cell what point to each command area - $[SUM(A1)]

    For example, after transformation of template instead of each area A1:C1 we got A1:C10 area filled by data. Formula appears in A11 cell.

    Is it possible to add counter for calculation of area stretching and recalculate of formula range based on counter after transformation of template? Will it work with other commands/formula?

    For now is can workaround by doing additional calculation in custom command

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