"areas" regex does not handle whitespace

Issue #64 resolved
Thomas Wozniakowski
created an issue


Thanks for the library, very helpful. I just spent a fun half hour trying to track down why my template wasn't working. It turned out to be because the regexes at:

org.jxls.builder.xls.XlsCommentAreaBuilder#ATTR_REGEX org.jxls.builder.xls.XlsCommentAreaBuilder#AREAS_ATTR_REGEX

are not consistent. The first accounts for whitespace following the =, while the other does not. So:

areas =["A2:A2","A3:A3"] is valid, while areas = ["A2:A2","A3:A3"] is not.

Might be an idea to fix this one to save future people the trouble. Alternatively if this has already been fixed and I've somehow ended up with an old version, sorry!


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