Cannot export more than 256 columns into .xlsx

Issue #80 resolved
Ricardo Nóbrega Ferreira
created an issue


Unable export more than 256 columns into *.xlsx format.



Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a POJO with 256+ properties;
  2. Save template 'object_collection_template.xls' as 'Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)' format
  3. Add more than 256 columns and change the comments to accommodate this change; 4.Modify ObjectCollectionByColumnsDemo to point to the new file (also, be aware that getResourceAsStream will only work for the full path. E.g. "/org/jxls/demo/guide/object_collection_template.xlsx");
  4. Modify 'generateSampleEmployeeData' method to populate the POJO with all the data;
  5. Run test.

Expected behaviour:

All the columns in the exported file are filled.

Actual result:

The data is filled up to column IV. In addition, one can see in the logs several java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException errors being thrown.