Marek Kubica avatar Marek Kubica committed a48a6e5

Fixed empty dates that occur when calls have no arguments.

E.g. (form-call|) where | marks the empty date

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             # booleans
             (r'(#t|#T|#f|#F)', Name.Constant, '#pop'),
+            # empty datum, because of (function-call) without arguments
+            (r'(?=\))', Text, '#pop')
         'number' : [
             (r'-?\d+\.\d+', Number.Float, '#pop'),
             (r'(\()(%s)' % '|'.join(
                 re.escape(entry) + ' ' for entry in macros),
                 bygroups(Punctuation, Keyword),
-                ('#push', 'datum')),
+                'datum'),
             # procedure call
             (r'(\()(%s)' % '|'.join(
                 re.escape(entry) + ' ' for entry in procedures),
                 bygroups(Punctuation, Name.Builtin),
-                ('#push', 'datum')),
+                'datum'),
             # custom function or macro call
             (r'(\()(%s)' % valid_name,
                 bygroups(Punctuation, Name.Variable),
-                ('#push', 'datum')),
+                'datum'),
             # close paren
             (r'\)', Punctuation, '#pop'),
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