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File templates/base.html

     .bottom li {
       display: inline;
-      padding-right: 10px;
+      padding-right: 30px;
     .auth {
   {% if user.is_authenticated %}
     <li><a href="/accounts/logout/">Log out {{user.username}}</a></li>
   {% endif %}
+  <li><a href="{% url welcome.views.about%}">About</a></li>
 {% include "analytics.html" %}

File templates/welcome/about.html

+{% extends "base.html" %}
+{% block content %}
+    PleaseStopBy is a neighborhood social application.
+    Our goal is enable real-world, in-person, meat-space, face-to-face social contact using social 
+    networks.  If FourSquare is for going out with friends, 
+    PleaseStopBy is for staying home with friends.
+    <b>PleaseStopBy is also open source.</b>  So we have no ulterior motives but 
+    to help you and your friends hang out.  
+    If you'd like to help out with <a href="">the code</a>, please get a hold of us.  (It's all python/django.)  There's a list of features a mile long we'd like to build.
+    We'd also love to see native clients for various kinds of phones.
+    <b>To get a hold of the team</b> the best way is to reach us on twitter using the
+    <a href="">@pleasestopby</a> account.  
+    That is, send a tweet that starts like <span class="tweet">@pleasestopby hey can y'all</span> and we'll see that.
+    Our welcome-mat logo is derived from a CC-licensed photo by <a href="">mcclouds</a>.  Thanks!
+{% endblock %}

File templates/welcome/homeswitch.html

-<!-- Welcome mat image CC mcclouds
-taken from .
-TODO: put this somewhere visible like an About page.
 {% endif %}
     (r'^accounts/', include('registration.backends.simple.urls')),
     (r'^$', 'welcome.views.homepage'),
+    (r'^about/$', 'welcome.views.about'),
     (r'^hood/', include('hood.urls')),
     (r'^status/', include('status.urls')),
     (r'^notices/', include('notification.urls')),

File welcome/

 def homepage(request):
     return render_to_response("welcome/homeswitch.html",
             context_instance = RequestContext(request))
+def about(request):
+    return render_to_response("welcome/about.html",
+            context_instance = RequestContext(request))