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OcLaunch - Launch commands automagically

CI platform
LINUX language
OCaml licence
CeCILL opam
oclaunch Getting
help <hr/><p>OcLaunch is a command-line tool to launch successively (each time the program is called) commands. It is designed to be used with any program, interactive or not. Feedback is welcome at contact@oclaunch.eu.org. Detailed presentation at http://ocla.ml.<br/>; Try it, it works automagically!</p><p>For example, here is a typical session (you open a terminal emulator between each item): <ul> <li>You open your first terminal, your chat client is opened,</li> <li>On second launch of a terminal, your task list is displayed,</li> <li>On third launch, everything has been done. You will not see anything more.</li> </ul></p>

See the file INSTALL.md for building and installation instructions.

Home page

(C) 2014-2016 Joly Clément

OcLaunch is distributed under the terms of the CEA-CNRS-INRIA Logiciel Libre.

See LICENSE for more information.

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