Lepbase workshop

Code to generate interactive perl tutorials (using AJAX and CGI)


  • nano /path/to/http.conf and uncomment the line LoadModule cgi_module modules/
  • sudo apachectl restart or equivalent command to restart apache
  • Make sure you have the JSON perl module installed in a location that is in the PERL5LIB of the http user
  • Copy files to a location where they can be served as web pages (e.g. /Library/WebServer/Documents on a Mac).
  • cd lepbase-workshop/pl
  • nano and set $js_dir and $cgi_dir as required
  • nano and edit as required
    • the subs in this file will be turned into sections on the web page and executed when the user presses submit
    • only subs listed in the dispatch table can be executed in resopnse to a cgi request so edit $dispatch accordingly


  • perl reads the subs in and generates a javascript file ../js/tutorial_code.js which is used by API_interface.js to generate the web interface
  • go to http://localhost/lepbase-workshop/index.html (or equivalent url if installed elsewhere)

syntactical conventions

Only code in subs will be added to the web page. To control whih parts of a sub are shown use the following conventions:

  • ##s = don't print this line (skip)
  • ##- = don't print the comment
  • ##+ = uncomment before printing
  • ##x = stop parsing sub (use on first line to skip a sub)

shift will be replaced with a text input any time it matches the pattern:


As in:

my $var = shift;

To control the default text in the textbox use the pattern:

my $var = shift; ##- value=initial value;

To pass variables to a sub that cannot be set by the user, just break the typical pattern, e.g.:

my ($var) = (shift); my $var = $_[0]; shift;