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added test to verify #1423

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     def test_one_filter(self):
         assert [User(id=8), User(id=9)] == create_session().query(User).filter(User.name.endswith('ed')).all()
     def test_contains(self):
         """test comparing a collection to an object instance."""
         eq_([User(id=10)], sess.query(User).filter(User.addresses==None).all())
         eq_([User(id=7),User(id=8),User(id=9)], sess.query(User).filter(User.addresses!=None).order_by(User.id).all())
+    def test_blank_filter_by(self):
+        eq_(
+            [(7,), (8,), (9,), (10,)],
+            create_session().query(User.id).filter_by().order_by(User.id).all()
+        )
+        eq_(
+            [(7,), (8,), (9,), (10,)],
+            create_session().query(User.id).filter_by(**{}).order_by(User.id).all()
+        )
 class FromSelfTest(QueryTest, AssertsCompiledSQL):
     def test_filter(self):
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