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PG didnt like 'user' for a table name

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 __del__() method got called within the Queue's get() method, which 
 then returns its connection to the Queue via the the put() method, 
 causing a reentrant hang unless threading.RLock is used.
+- postgres will not place SERIAL keyword on a primary key column
+if it has a foreign key constraint
 - overhaul to mapper compilation to be deferred.  this allows mappers

File test/orm/

     def setUpAll(self):
         global users, roles, user_roles, admins, metadata
-        users = Table('user', metadata,
+        users = Table('users', metadata,
             Column('id', Integer, primary_key=True),
             Column('email', String(128)),
             Column('password', String(16)),
         user_roles = Table('user_role', metadata,
-            Column('user_id', Integer, ForeignKey(''), primary_key=True),
+            Column('user_id', Integer, ForeignKey(''), primary_key=True),
             Column('role_id', Integer, ForeignKey(''), primary_key=True)
         admins = Table('admin', metadata,
             Column('id', Integer, primary_key=True),
-            Column('user_id', Integer, ForeignKey(''))
+            Column('user_id', Integer, ForeignKey(''))
     def tearDownAll(self):