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Mike Bayer  committed 788c75d

removed needless "thread" imports from util

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File lib/sqlalchemy/engine/threadlocal.py

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         """Construct a new TLEngine."""
         super(TLEngine, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
-        self.context = util.ThreadLocal()
+        self.context = util.threading.local()
         proxy = kwargs.get('proxy')
         if proxy:

File lib/sqlalchemy/pool.py

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 from sqlalchemy import exc, log
 from sqlalchemy import queue as Queue
-from sqlalchemy.util import thread, threading, pickle, as_interface
+from sqlalchemy.util import threading, pickle, as_interface
 proxies = {}

File lib/sqlalchemy/queue.py

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 """An adaptation of Py2.3/2.4's Queue module which supports reentrant
 behavior, using RLock instead of Lock for its mutex object.
-This is to support the connection pool's usage of ``__del__`` to return
+This is to support the connection pool's usage of weakref callbacks to return
 connections to the underlying Queue, which can apparently in extremely
 rare cases be invoked within the ``get()`` method of the Queue itself,
 producing a ``put()`` inside the ``get()`` and therefore a reentrant
 from collections import deque
 from time import time as _time
+from sqlalchemy.util import threading
 __all__ = ['Empty', 'Full', 'Queue']
         If `maxsize` is <= 0, the queue size is infinite.
-        try:
-            import threading
-        except ImportError:
-            import dummy_threading as threading
         # mutex must be held whenever the queue is mutating.  All methods
         # that acquire mutex must release it before returning.  mutex

File lib/sqlalchemy/schema.py

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     def __init__(self):
         """Construct a ThreadLocalMetaData."""
-        self.context = util.ThreadLocal()
+        self.context = util.threading.local()
         self.__engines = {}
         super(ThreadLocalMetaData, self).__init__()

File lib/sqlalchemy/util.py

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 from sqlalchemy import exc
-    import thread, threading
-    from threading import local as ThreadLocal
+    import threading
 except ImportError:
-    import dummy_thread as thread
     import dummy_threading as threading
-    from dummy_threading import local as ThreadLocal
 py3k = getattr(sys, 'py3kwarning', False) or sys.version_info >= (3, 0)